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Flip-Out Pass Through Window For Restaurants, With Built-In Insect Screen Launch

OpenUp Windows’ unique flip-out awning style window has been popular amongst restauranteurs for years for the way it creates extra indoor kitchen space and outdoor counter space, and opens up the connection between servers and customers. Now, with their new built-in insect screen, they believe they are giving their hospitality clients the same customer-attracting and […]

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Maryland Probate Real Estate Sale: Inherited Property Tax & Legal Guide Launched

Selling a home in probate involves a number of important considerations, which can make it a more complex process than a traditional home sale. The new guide from Berkshire Hathaway Pen Fed Realty recognizes this and offers practical solutions to address these challenges. For more information, visit The latest release covers the most important […]

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Consumers Unaware that Brain-Damaging Electroshock Devices are not FDA Approved

Electroshock treatment, also known as electroconvulsive therapy or ECT, is documented to cause debilitating and severe side effects, yet according to Mental Health America, it is given to 100,000 Americans, including children, annually. Deplorably, an estimated 1.4 million individuals worldwide undergo this treatment documented to cause memory loss and brain damage. Despite its 85 years […]