Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Bankruptcy Attorney Discusses Mortgage Payments & Moratoriums

AUSTIN, TX – Amid the current economic landscape, Lincoln-Goldfinch Law bankruptcy attorney Stan Springerley sheds light on critical economic issues. These include mortgage payments, housing costs, and the implications of financial distress on American families. The firm’s competency in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers a lifeline to those grappling with these challenges.

As the nation continues navigating the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals face the daunting reality of catching up on deferred mortgage payments. The end of moratoriums during the pandemic is leading to a surge in foreclosure cases.

Bankruptcy attorney Stan Springerley of Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Austin highlights the situation. He noted, “A huge glut of after-COVID foreclosure cases may occur because of moratoriums on house payments. Now people are having trouble keeping up with these payments.”

Stan also advises against the risky strategy of borrowing from 401K accounts to manage debt, emphasizing the importance of seeking informed legal counsel.

Stan Springerley, a distinguished member of Lincoln-Goldfinch Law, brings a wealth of experience to the firm, focusing on bankruptcy. Graduating with a Doctor of Law (JD) from SMU Dedman School of Law, Stan has cultivated an impressive career that spans over two decades.

Apart from his professional achievements, Stan’s dedication to social justice and community service is exemplified through his ongoing volunteer work. Since April 2018, he has provided pro bono legal assistance through Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas. He focuses on poverty alleviation and supporting those in need.

This commitment to helping others navigate financial hardships aligns perfectly with Lincoln-Goldfinch Law’s mission of providing compassionate and competent legal services. Stan’s extensive experience and deep understanding of the legal and emotional aspects of financial distress make him an asset to the firm.

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law’s approach to bankruptcy cases is holistic, considering the legal aspects and their client’s emotional and financial well-being. The firm provides comprehensive consultations to evaluate individual circumstances and to develop tailored strategies for debt relief and economic recovery.

For those facing the stress of mounting debt and the threat of foreclosure, the guidance of a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer can be invaluable. Lincoln-Goldfinch Law encourages anyone struggling with these issues to seek legal advice as early as possible.

In the face of rising housing costs and economic uncertainty, the experience of Lincoln-Goldfinch Law in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy is more vital than ever.

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