Kess Energy aims for sustainability growth in 2024

Distrito Federal, Brazil Jan 25, 2024 ( – Kess Energy recently unveiled its ambitious plans for 2024, Setting the stage for accelerated growth and continued leadership in sustainable lithium production. The company’s strategic goals focus on expanding production capacity, solidifying sustainability initiatives, and fostering community partnerships.

“We’re entering 2024 with an unwavering commitment to powering the future with responsibly sourced lithium,” declared the CEO of Kess Energy. “Our robust roadmap for the year prioritizes expanding our mining and processing capabilities, while prioritizing environmental stewardship and creating lasting value for our stakeholders.”

Key 2024 Goals:

Boosting Production: Kess Energy targets a 12% increase in lithium production through the expansion of existing operations and exploration of new high-potential sites. This expansion will further solidify Australia’s position as a global leader in sustainable lithium supply.

Cementing Sustainability Leadership: The company remains steadfast in its commitment to responsible mining practices. Focus areas include implementing industry-leading water conservation and recycling technologies. Minimizing environmental impact through land rehabilitation and biodiversity protection initiatives.

Building Strong Communities: Kess Energy recognizes the integral role it plays within the communities it operates in. In 2024, the company vows to foster local employment opportunities through workforce development programs and Invest in community infrastructure and social programs.

The CEO at Kess Energy added, “We believe that responsible lithium mining can be a catalyst for positive change. We are committed to not only powering the next generation of clean energy technologies but also contributing to a more sustainable and thriving future for all.”

Kess Energy’s 2024 goals represent a bold vision for the future of lithium mining. By prioritizing both production and sustainability, the company aims to be at the forefront of the clean energy revolution while leaving a lasting positive impact on the environment and communities it serves.

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