A promising solution for Morton’s Neuroma with Dr. Miguel Cunha

Patients from all over the world are finding relief of Morton’s Neuroma when doing cryosurgery with Dr. Miguel Cunha’s technique. Dr. Miguel Cunha, a board certified foot surgeon and founder of Gotham Footcare, a Manhattan based podiatry boutique clinic, has been performing cryosurgery on patients suffering from Morton’ Neuroma with high success for over 10 years. Patients traveling as far as Australia have consulted with Dr. Cunha in pursuit of Morton’s Neuroma pain relief, as most conventional treatments unfortunately fail to successfully resolve this debilitating condition.

Morton’s Neuroma is a painful growth of nerve tissue in the foot, typically found between the heads of the third and fourth metatarsals, the long bones in your feet. When your metatarsals become compressed together either because of the shape of your foot, high-impact activities, or the use of tight shoes such as heels, the nerves between the metatarsals become irritated and inflamed.  Subsequent thickening of nerve tissue may result in numbness and tingling sensations in the toes or pain in the ball of the foot with a constant sensation of walking on a pebble. Unfortunately, these symptoms make activities of daily living such as standing and walking uncomfortable. If left untreated, this condition can result in long-term nerve damage and become extremely painful.

Most treatments for Morton’s Neuroma involve conservative, non-surgical modalities centered on relieving foot pain and healing the nerve. Conservative treatment options typically include anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections, physical therapy, custom orthotics, and changes in shoe gear.  Unfortunately, more often than not conservative treatment fails to completely resolve Morton’s Neuroma pain.

When consevative treatment fails most patients undergo the traditional surgical procedure for Morton’s Neuroma called a neurectomy, which involves surgically removing the neuroma.  Unfortunately, this procedure has a high risk of failure and postoperative complications, and should therefore be the very last resort for treating Morton’s Neuroma pain. A neurectomy can result in the formation of a post surgical Stump Neuroma, as the remaining portion of the nerve regrows into scar tissue.  A stump neuroma can be more painful than the neuroma itself.  A neurectomy also has a 20% failure rate which means that one out of every five patients develop a Stump Neuroma.  

Instead of the neurectomy procedure, Dr. Cunha offers his patients cryosurgery, a highly effective and minimally invasive office-based procedure that is painless and only takes 15 minutes to perform.  Cryosurgery is

the most effective minimally invasive surgical treatment option available for Morton’s Neuroma with a success rate of over 85% in Dr. Cunha’s hands.

Cryosurgery does not involve nerve cutting. This type of procedure involves freezing the neuroma to degenerate the unhealthy tissue that transmits painful impulses to the brain. By restoring the nerve to its healthy state, cryosurgery helps reduce sensitivity, inflammation, and irritation of the nerve.  Cryosurgery stops the pain of Morton’s neuroma and allows patients to return to their activities of daily living without discomfort and free of pain. Cryosurgery does not require surgical hardware, stitches, or removal of the nerve, and therefore a low risk procedure. Cryosurgery also costs less than a Neurectomy and is covered by most insurance providers.

If you’ve been experiencing the symptoms of Morton’s neuroma for more than three days, see a podiatrist immediately. Morton’s neuroma could affect your ability to engage in many activities and result in permanent loss of sensation in your foot.  Morton’s neuroma can be a difficult condition to treat if not treated appropriately.  Conservative treatment can be effective at reducing Morton’s Neuroma pain. However, in most cases when Morton’s Neuroma pain is chronic and conservative treatment fails to reduce pain and discomfort, cryosurgery may be necessary.  Fortunately, Morton’s Neuroma is a condition that Dr. Cunha enjoys treating and has done so on countless patients with tremendous success.  If you want relief from your Morton’s Neuroma don’t hesitate to visit Dr. Cunha at Gotham Footcare.  Your feet will be in good hands.