Temecula CA Young Filmmaker Film Festival/April Deadline For Creatives Announced

Still accepting applications for its April 15 deadline, Visionaries Film Festival announces that its doors are still open for high school students who want to pursue their passions in filmmaking. Four years running, the program is already considered one of the best film festivals for young filmmakers.

More details can be found at https://visionariesfilmfestival.com

With the April 15 deadline fast approaching, the festival invites all young filmmakers around the country to submit their applications now. It welcomes features of any length and genre and accepts submissions by persons of any gender, religious background, or economic situation.

The Visionaries Film Festival was launched in 2019 by Vihan Khanna, who was, at that time, a junior at Montclair State University studying film. During his school days, Vihan was attending all sorts of film festivals around the country and thought that young filmmakers should have their own avenue to promote their creativity. This is where the idea for the Visionaries Film Festival started.

What began as a fledgling film festival has now blossomed into a well-known and beloved program for visionary filmmakers. True to its name, the Visionaries Film Festival highlights the individual talents of young creatives who want a fair and specialized sounding board for their ideas.

The Visionaries Film Festival will premiere in September 2022.

All submission deadlines are listed under each submission category on Film Freeway. Fees are selected based on deadlines.

Several studies have noted that film festivals for the young have increased in popularity in the last few years. As the younger generation grows up entrenched in technology, experts note their ever-increasing need to use it to express themselves in powerful, unique ways. One way of self-expression is through creating short-length feature films that can be promoted in various film festivals.

The Visionaries Film Festival reserves the right to use all the films it receives.

A former applicant wrote, “This is a great festival and well organized. It’s in its beginning years but with its recent success I’m sure it won’t be long before this festival grows.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://visionariesfilmfestival.com

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