Premium Honduras Organic Coffee: Med-Dark Roasted Bourbon Beans Launched

With the latest move, the online coffee store has now expanded to 43 varieties of coffee with a range of styles and tastes. The Honduras coffee can be ordered in sizes ranging from 12 ounces to 5 pounds, with whole bean, standard, or espresso grinds.

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Boss Brew Coffee says that the beans for its new coffee are sourced from 1,500 members of Cafe Organics Marcala and grown in the Marcala and La Paz regions of Honduras at an altitude of 1300 to 1700 meters. The beans are fully washed and sun-dried, resulting in a medium-dark roast with a tasting profile of caramel, spice, and brown sugar.

The Honduran coffee is certified and graded as SHG/EP/Organic, which ensures that customers are purchasing a high-quality product that is grown in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. This adds a layer of trust to the product and means that the coffee is proven to be of a higher standard.

In addition to the Honduran coffee, Boss Brew Coffee offers a wide range of other coffee options, including flavored coffees and single-origin coffees from exotic locations. The company also provides ancillary products such as coffee machines, mugs, and flasks to enhance the coffee-drinking experience.

One of the primary focal points of the Boss Brew Coffee service is the freshness of its products. The company roasts small batches of coffee to order and ships them directly to customers. This ensures that the coffee is as fresh as possible when received, rather than store-bought coffee which may have been roasted several months prior.

Boss Brew Coffee’s mission is to provide customers with a premium, fresh-roasted coffee experience. Their wide range of coffee options, curation and roasting process, and varied products all contribute to this goal.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Get back to your favorite coffee flavors with Boss Brew’s Honduras Coffee. With the new Honduras flavor, find the perfect blend that’s been used for hundreds of years by Hondurans and Central Americans to stay fit, happy, and healthy.”

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