Orlando FL Theme Park Harry Potter Skulls Scavenger Hunt/Podcast Series Launched

The podcast features the well-known skull carver and props creator on the streets of Orlando, hiding his signature hand-carved skull art pieces in various locations for participants to find. Along the way, Wylie provides commentary about what he does and why he does it along with anecdotes he has picked up in his years working in the film industry.

To learn more, visit https://realhumanskull.com/hideandseek

Wylie’s latest scavenger hunt for Harry Potter resin replica skulls is already drawing large crowds at the Wizarding World theme park. The event encourages park-goers to explore areas they may not normally go to in the hopes of finding one of Wylie’s unique art pieces, which participants get to keep upon discovery.

In terms of pandemic recovery, the Orlando art scene has recently rebounded ten-fold and the arts have been responsible in large part for creating a place for people to safely gather in the city. Public art installations can be seen in every corner of the city and can play an integral part in the rebuilding of communities post-lockdown.

Wylie’s project is contributing to the local art scene in a major way by introducing his work, which has typically been reserved for the screen, to the general public in a fun and engaging way. His pieces are priceless works of art that he has expressed excitement about sharing with the public for free.

His podcast documents the mania surrounding his work as he has ventured into Harry Potter world Orlando to hide his work in creative locations. He then broadcasts the general area where the pieces can be found, and further records the community response, which has been overwhelmingly positive thus far.

Wylie is a master carver and has created a number of pieces featuring skulls modified in a variety of motifs. These pieces include ones inspired by Viking and other ancient cultures, modern pop-culture properties such as Star Wars, and many more.

Zane and his work in the industry have recently inspired him to begin the production of a reality television show in which he would star in. His experience as a prop designer is extensive, and his skulls have been featured in shows for major studios and streaming networks such as Hulu and AMC.

To find out more, visit https://realhumanskull.com/hideandseek

Zane Wylie Skulls
Zane Wylie Skulls

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