MISHKA Token: Demanding Market Share as the ‘Inu-Killer’

The next 1000X Opportunity?

Warning: This article may contain content unsuitable for Shiba and other Inu holders.

Intro – Coming Back to Life?

Mishka is an ERC-20 token that was successfully launched on the Ethereum blockchain just 4 months ago in July 2021. With uncertainty looming for the current ‘Inu’ meme coins like Doge and Shiba, investors are looking for new opportunities as momentum slows for today’s mainstream meme coins. Enter Mishka – the perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the Inu-killer token with 1000x potential.

‘Inu-Killer’ at the Ground Floor

While Mishka has been in hibernation the last couple of months, the team has been strategically partnering with marketing guru’s and social media influencers, and has amassed a combined reach of over 100 million users who will soon be exposed to the powers of Mishka and its inevitable rise to become the next meme coin legend. The experienced team of marketers, developers, and graphic designers have brilliantly identified the flaws and shortfalls that have been recently exploited with the Inu’s of today as they take aim at their biggest target, Shiba Inu. All of this activity has caused the Mishka bear to come out of hibernation and is ready to capture the market share that it deserves.

Market Cap Comparison

DOGE – Today’s price: $.2800

Market Cap – $37,000,000,000

SHIBA INU – Today’s price: $.00005491

Market Cap – $30,000,000,000

MISHKA – Today’s price: $.00000135

Market Cap – $1,350,000

If MISHKA were to reach the market cap of SHIB, that would be over 20,000x based on today’s prices.

About Mishka

Mishka’s fundamentals differ to Doge and Shiba, with community and investor focused features:

Rugpull proof

Liquidity Locked For 1 Year

Security Audit Complete

Buyback marketing wallet for healthy chart support

Anti-whale countermeasures

1% max wallet size

2.5 billion token sell limit per transaction


No Buy/Sell cooldown

FTP AntiBot Realtime Detection (see HoneyBot below)


Automated bot traders are often responsible for destroying crypto ecosystems. Mishka’s HoneyBot technology allows bots to purchase Mishka Token, but does not allow them to sell or transfer. This effectively burns the tokens that Bots have purchased, removing those tokens from supply forever, while additionally benefiting holders through the permanent addition of Ether into the liquidity pool, permanently raising the value of the Token.


The Mishka team plans to continue to execute on its roadmap as well as roll out some exciting new features along the way such as Mishka Bear NFTs and NFT launchpad featuring the Mishka token. The team is also working on getting listed on CoinMarketCap and centralized exchanges for more trading options.


Website: https://mishkatoken.com/

Buy Mishka: Mishka Swap App

Whitepaper: https://mishkatoken.com/whitepaper/

Chart: DexTools Pair Explorer

Contract Address: 0x976091738973b520a514ea206acdd008a09649de