Lodicoin is delighted to announce the public listing of its token on PancakeSwap today. The cultural token will power a social media app that allows its users to create NFTs and earn through user engagement.

The anticipated new listing price will be $0.001 per Lodicoin cultural token. The $LODI contract was created on Binance Smart Chain.

The Filipino-based cultural utility token and engage-to-earn social media app allows its users to create NFTs and earn rewards by liking, sharing, and commenting on community members’ posts. So far, Lodicoin has created a 70,000-strong community across its social media platforms.

Lodicoin Co-Founder Choy Calunsod is excited about the token launch. He understands that this is a big step forward during a bear market.

“It’s a milestone for the Filipino crypto community. We are using Lodicoin as a vehicle to help bridge the gap and educate the masses. Expect more dynamic projects as we continue to grow our Lodicoin community and create new partnerships from here on,” said Choy Calunsod.

LODITECH and LODITECH USA mission is to EMPOWER the users by providing education on crypto currency and the blockchain space, helping to provide a significant benefit by overcoming the lack of social trust issues in developing nations like the Philippines through blockchain while allowing access to financial rewards.

The company behind Lodicoin is Loditech, a blockchain marketing and educational company based in the Philippines and USA. Their mission is to level the financial playing field for people living in countries with currency instability by giving them access to tools, platforms, and education.

There will be an official AMA in the Lodicoin Discord Main Stage today from 11AM PHT.

Token Information

Listing Date: September 20 11AM PHT / 1PM AEST

Ticker: $LODI

Social Media

Twitter @lodicoins

Instagram @lodicoins

Facebook www.facebook.com/lodicoins

Discord https://discord.gg/hGMFAF6p

Media Contact

Marco Selorio

WhatsApp +61420307753

Telegram @marcoselorio



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