How to become an astrologer at Asttrolok

The field of astrology dates back thousands of years. Astrology is an ancient practice that has remained popular throughout history, even through multiple generations. Astrologers specialize in interpreting relationships and events based on their alignment with cosmic phenomena like stars or planets.

Astrology as a Profession

An astrologer is someone who predicts the future concerning celestial bodies and how they affect people on Earth. If you’re interested in anything related to the stars, galaxies, the moon, or other heavenly bodies in the atmosphere, or you’re into collecting or studying these kinds of things, then being an astrologer may be a good career choice for you. An astrologer makes forecasts about people’s futures based on their study of how certain celestial bodies are connected with events taking place on Earth.

A career in astrology requires foresightedness and depth knowledge about the zodiac signs to analyze and predict the future. There are many courses in India offered to pursue a career in astrology. 


Asttrolok, one of the top Vedic Science Academy among the top 5 Vedic Institutes, was established with the idea to spread the concept of Super Science with fact-based learning beyond all myths. The courses are equipped with knowledge, guidance, and remedies that will help you please the planetary influence in your favor for constant success.

Meet the founder and mentor

Mr. Alok Khandelwal established Asttrolok, a Vedic Science institute envisioned as an ideology to channel the inner knowledge for a better present and future.

An internationally celebrated name in Astrology for over a decade, Mr. Alok Khandelwal is an MBA (Marketing), MA (Psychology), an MA in Economics, and a guest speaker in top institutes of the country.

Several live courses are offered at the institute in Astrology based on the different levels of learning and skill set.

  • Astromani (Beginner level)
  • Astro Shiromani (Advance level)

Along with these live courses, several video courses are offered at Asttrolok depending upon learning levels and interests in Astrology.

  • Astromani- 1
  • Astromani- 2
  • Astromani- 3
  • Business & Career Astrology
  • Planets in different houses
  • House Lords in different houses
  • Marriage & Children Astrology
  • Divisional Charts in Astrology

With a step-by-step scientific approach and accurate and logical prediction techniques along with simplified learning of the complex concepts of Astrology for an optimistic view of life, join a community of active learners from all around the globe.

Careers at Asttrolok

  • Mentoring the Learners

Earn a certificate to become a verified Astrologer at Asttrolok and get an opportunity to mentor the community of learners at the institute and teach the courses yourself.

  • Consultation as Panel Astrologers

Join the league of astrologers at Asttrolok trained at all fronts in life and provide consultation to people and guide them to gain an optimistic perspective and lead better lives.

  • Platform to showcase knowledge

Get a chance to be featured on Asttrolok’s website! You can share your blogs and articles on Astrology on the institute’s online platform and reflect your astrological prowess.

Final words

You will have to develop your own skill in order to properly understand what the universe has to say and apply your findings correctly by drawing conclusions that are accurate and correct. Keen to learn Astrology and its core concepts in the most scientific manner? Here’s your call from the stars to begin your astrological journey and delve deep into this Vedic science! Don’t wait too long to start your amazing learning experience. Be a part of Asttrolok community, where not only do you meet distinguished astrologers, but also thousands of Astrology enthusiasts and active learners.

The most popular Astrology course, Astromani is here and starts on 3rd May.

 Register today and start learning! The learning path for astrologers isn’t straightforward; however, with some hard work and patience, you will find that in life, astrology may be one of the best ways to seek enlightenment on what life has in store for you once you discover how the universe works!

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