Geeky News Talks About Unlocking the Potential of Clinical Trials With Technology

Surrey, United Kingdom Sep 19, 2023 ( – Geeky News, a leading technology and lifestyle journal, is pleased to announce the publication of its latest article. Titled “Unlocking the Potential of Clinical Trials With Technology,” this piece explores the impact of modern technology on clinical research. In particular, it focuses on electronic consent (eConsent) and its role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials.

The article delves into the challenges associated with the traditional informed consent process in the ever-evolving landscape of clinical research. It also discusses the pivotal role that technology plays in addressing these issues.

The article draws attention to the recent white paper by Advarra, a prominent player in the field, which discusses the hurdles faced during the study startup process in clinical research. It also refers to an opinion piece published by ObvioHealth, a world-renowned virtual research organisation (VRO). In this piece, the VRO talks about how eConsent helps clinical trials stay compliant and get better results, whilst ensuring a quick start to their research.

Key Highlights of the Article:

Challenges in Study Startup: The article highlights the sluggish nature of study startup processes in clinical research due to manual workflows, leading to delays, higher costs, and external challenges such as labour shortages and competition.

Modern Tech Capabilities: It discusses four modern tech capabilities that can revolutionise the clinical research landscape, including standardised documentation, real-time notifications, global program visibility, and enterprise integration.

eConsent Solutions: The article emphasises the critical role of eConsent in overcoming the challenges of traditional informed consent processes. It explores how well-designed eConsent solutions can enhance participant comprehension and engagement, ultimately improving data integrity and study outcomes.

Benefits of eConsent: The adoption of eConsent, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, is shown to empower participants with knowledge, improve retention and compliance, and support regulatory audits, benefiting participants, sponsors, and regulatory bodies alike.

A Fundamental Shift: Geeky News underscores that eConsent isn’t merely a digital transformation of traditional processes; it fundamentally enhances the delivery of clinical trials, reducing the burden on participants and improving overall trial efficiency.

The article’s in-depth analysis sheds light on how technology is reshaping the clinical research landscape, ultimately leading to more efficient, transparent, and participant-centric trials.

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