Basketballverse – A game-changer for the NFT Gaming space?

NFT gaming has been the latest sensation in the crypto world. As more people are attracted to the prospect of play-to-earn that enables gaining profits simply from participating in NFT games, the current market is expanding exponentially. But there’s a catch to the impressive growth: there is a lack of quality projects, and very few companies can keep up with their promises and users’ demands. 

Today everyone is waiting for the next leap in NFT gaming, demanding more effort and creativity input into the games. That next leap will significantly expand NFT gaming and metaverse influence. The revolution has just started, and Basketballverse – a project dedicated to a full 3D basketball metaverse ecosystem – announced that they are ready to build the dreams for millions of basketball lovers all over the world.  It is at the forefront of the entire blockchain gaming space, pioneering a new direction for Play2Earn games and the basketball gaming industry. 

Think NBA2K – the kind of game in which you can control your avatar. But here comes a twist, Basketballverse core gameplay is brought to a new level of basketball gaming with real-world advantages, such as pro player partnerships, real-brand sponsorships, additional game-modes of club and arena management. The main difference here is that there are no famous players to control. It is entirely up to you to pave the career path for your Baller – a playable NFT avatar. The Baller can become a star by building a metaverse basketball career via gameplay and practice, by attracting sponsorships, building a fanbase, and getting famous. Similar to real-world basketball careers, there are a lot of lucrative money-making opportunities in Basketballverse worth checking out.

Unique Potential

Basketballverse brings massive revenue-earning potential of real-world basketball to the metaverse. So far, gamers have always been the victims of greedy monetization tactics, and Basketballverse aims to change this. Apart from the base game full of life and entertainment value, the Basketballverse team closely works with real-life basketball celebrities and companies to bring branding and sponsorship possibilities to the player base. In a way, the game serves as a gateway for gamers to acquire professional and business relationships, as shown in the studio’s latest partnership with NBA star Mohamed Bamba. 

The project aims to encourage billions of basketball enthusiasts worldwide to build their metaverse basketball careers. Players can develop functional and collectible NFT basketball avatars, manage their NFT clubs or arenas, build a real fanbase, attract sponsorships, and earn a real income while playing. 

Current Progress

Initial Fundraise Completed

Basketballverse managed to gain a lot of financial backing from the community and reputable funds, namely: Impossible Finance, BTC12 Capital, The Wings Venture, KudasaiJP, UG Ventures, vEmpire, Evangelion Capital, r8 Capital, MEXC, xHashtag, Halvings Capital, Bitouq Ventures, Exnetwork, AVStar, WealthUnion, ZBS Capital, Linkcube Ventures, GTS Ventures, Primeape Capital, Despread, All in Ventures, Lewk, MetaGaming Guild, and Decubate.

Successful Public Sale on Impossible Finance 

Impossible Finance is a multi-chain incubator, launchpad, and swap platform led by Ex-Binance & DeFi veterans. Sports projects usually perform very well on this platform. For instance, Sportium token price has sky-rocketed to 100x. Perhaps Basketballverse is about to accomplish a similar feat? Given the excellent plan and promising vision, as well as community support, and the team dedicating nights and days behind the scenes, there is no doubt that Basketballverse will succeed.

What’s Next for Basketballverse?

Basketballverse is evolving day by day. While their journey has just started, the team has already built strong project fundamentals and is now building the game itself. Token listing detail, game trailer release, NFT sales, and the demo version launch are expected to come in the near future. Today, basketball enthusiasts and NFT gaming investors are closely watching Basketballverse development progress, expecting the project to become the next big thing in Crypto. There are many reasons to follow suit how this project will turn tables in the future, namely because of the strength of the idea and its promising vision, talented people working behind the scenes, and multiple Basketballverse advisors coming from various market-leading projects to support it and make sure it comes out as great as promised. 

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