A More Personalized Approach To Digital Marketing: How HiveSkill Is Revolutionizing The Industry

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By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga

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The world of digital marketing could be in for another evolution with a new direct marketing company, HiveSkill. HiveSkill offers a unique marketing solution characterized by customization, hyper-targeting and a foundation of trust and data. Its approach involves delivering context-driven marketing campaigns tailored to pre-qualified leads sourced from its industry-leading consumer database with the goal of enabling more efficient marketing.

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, HiveSkill conducts thorough audience profiling, categorizing contacts into relevant interest groups or "buckets." This enables them to craft the optimal audience for effectively conveying a company's story and messaging. By leveraging its extensive resources and cutting-edge technology, HiveSkill ensures that each marketing campaign is highly personalized and precisely targeted to maximize engagement and conversion rates.

This unique approach differs from the current options on the market. Outside of hiring a marketing firm to handle marketing campaigns, companies of all sizes are largely dependent on Meta ads (NASDAQ: META), Google ads (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Amazon ads (NASDAQ: AMZN). While these big tech platforms have the potential to drive leads, they are complicated and costly, and the majority of users dont have the experience to operate them effectively. According to a survey by Wharton, even professionals are not able to make the most of these platforms; 57% of marketers incorrectly interpret their data, potentially costing their companies significant amounts of money.

Not to mention, big tech companies have so much information that it can be difficult to narrow down to an audience that matches your marketing goals. Lets say you are a school supply company and your target audience is parents of elementary school children. Amazon, Meta and Google may be able to drive traffic from parents of any children from pre-school through 12th grade, but in doing so, your company is targeting too many people and spending unnecessary money on leads that wont convert. Todays digital marketing is only a few steps above cold calling and emailing. While there is data available to help personalize ads and improve targeting, most companies dont have access to that data or the means to utilize it.

Thats why HiveSkills use of emotionally intelligent AI is potentially groundbreaking for the industry. Hiveskills platform was built by leveraging a comprehensive database and has been meticulously constructed through entrepreneurial networks and partnerships. With seamless integration thanks to Hubspot and a host of other marketing systems, companies can have more trust in their marketing approach. With the big tech marketing alternatives, it can sometimes feel like youre just one drop in an ocean; HiveSkill aims to solve this.

When businesses choose to partner with HiveSkill, they not only benefit from the existing database and tools, but HiveSkill will also use existing infrastructure to help build a unique Hive of engaged prospects, creating a mutually beneficial feedback loop of data. As a result, HiveSkill's database has evolved into a robust engine consisting of millions of curated and profiled contacts. With HiveSkill, companies can confidently execute marketing campaigns with the assurance that they have access to accurate and valuable data, enabling them to effectively engage and connect with their target and look-alike audiences.

According to Criteo, a staggering 1 in 3 marketers admit that their campaigns rely too heavily on platforms like Facebook, Google and Amazon. With growing concerns and uncertainties surrounding the future of these big tech giants, marketers who are seeking a more efficient and personalized alternative can leverage HiveSkill as the solution.

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